Viber - A must have free calling app

As android becomes bigger and bigger , and smart phone users increase the number by days , choosing a wise apps for it is essential . One particular name comes to mind , Viber . A free calling apps . Now since it's free , missing out on it is just plain stupidity . Installing Viber for free calls over Wifi can help save a-lot of cash .  Not only limited to calls , SMS function is available in Viber as well .

A bit of intro to the Viber world ,
Free calling and messages apps with simple interface . Install it and have your friends do it as well and you are good to go .Memory consumption space is very low by the way. ( less than 16 MB )
Installing Viber for the first time is easy as all you need to do is download  from the Google Market , install it and key in your mobile number . Viber will send a four digit verification codes , enter it and it's done . All your friends that already have Viber installed , can be seen in the address book and for those who haven't , just press on invite link and they will get the invitation to join in .

For those who are not using Android , no worry as Viber is available in  iOS , Window and Blackberry platform as well . So join the crowd and starts chatting for free right away .