Free Cooking App for Android - My Chef Offline

Out of resources for new recipe ? While there are many cooking slash recipe slash notepad apps  , one handy app stands out from the pack .  My Chef Offline - Easy Recipes

 If doing comparison , My Chef Offline ( MCF ) is not the best cooking app available , and it lacks some fancy features such as the ability to add your own recipes , even the search function is limited to MCF internal library ( around 7000+ recipes ) . You can't search for new recipes online as well . 

With all these cons , then why is MCF recommended ,  you must be wondering . The answer is plain simple .
MCF is not your ordinary cooking app . It's a library or to be precise , a thick cooking guide book with more than 7000 pages .

Divided beautifully into different sections makes the overall experience even better . On the main menu , there are 5 sections to choose from . All Recipes  , By Cuisines , By Categories , By Ingredients ,  and Favourites . Personally i prefer to use section 2 - "CATEGORY"  .
Inside the Category section , you can choose from 11 types of available cuisines . American , Chinese , Thai , Other , and to my surprise , there are 7 types of different Indian Cuisines ! So if you are into curry and spicy stuff , this app is like a nirvana .

On the recipes menu , all guides comes in a simple to understand format . Following the instructions feels like a breeze . This app is created to make cooking as simple as it can .

Event-though this is a cooking app , male counterparts can benefits from using  My Chef Offline as well . Surprise your wife or girlfriend by cooking up some delicious meal this coming New Year . Have fun .