Must Have Android Apps - Expense Manager

Managing your daily expenses can be an headache . Even worse if you are working for most part of the day with minimal times to spare . Fret not . Expense Manager ( E.M ) is one particular Apps design to make your life simpler .

Easy to use , light weight memory consumption and the ability to lock your files . All this provided free and without any hidden adds .

Setting up is easy . First just key in your income sources and amounts  ( support multiple income sources ) . Next step , key in your fixed expenses such as home loan , insurance payment , refreshment , car loan and medical fee .

After all the setup is complete , go to the main menu and all your expenses and income balance will be shown in three available mode . Normal , Pie Chart , or Bar Chart mode . Personally i prefer the "Normal Mode" as all the data are shown more clearly .

For daily spending management , just add any outgoing expenses and it will be automatically deducted from your balance account . Same goes for balance viewing , you can view daily , monthly or even yearly expenses .

Not only just an expenses management Apps , E.M is pack with neat extra features such as
Currency Converter , Calculator , Credit Card Payoff Calculator , Sales Calculator , and Tips Calculator .
The best feature here is none other than the Currency Converter . Although you need to manually input the conversion rate first , it's still one good feature to have . If wireless connection is present , the exchange rate can be updated online .Once the rate is set , there is no need to do it for the second time . Just key in any desired amounts and let E.M do the magic .

The best part of E.M  , you can use password to protect all your data . Display colour can be change to either black or white background and the ability to sync directly with Drop Box 

Never lose track of your spending again with this helpful Apps . Expense Manager surely is a must have for any Android Smartphone or Tablet . To Install , simply download  Expense Manager from Google Play HERE