4 Alternative to Android Market - Tested Apps download Sites

While Google's Android Market is still our favourite apps hunting site , not all apps have the privilege to enter the "Market" . hence - the alternative sites . The good thing being an Android user is that we are blessed with plenty of choices and download places and Google never say no to apps downloaded other than Official Android Market .

Here's the best of all the alternatives to Android market handpicked by us

1 ) GetJar  -  The largest free apps download sites . Thousand of apps found here are not available in other download site . Even on Android Market itself . Another plus point , Getjar is well known to be testing ground for apps company . So it's safe to say that Getjar is the debut place for many major apps .

2 ) Amazon's Apps Store - Only one thing to say about this site . It's huge . Featuring many categories , this is definitely a site not to miss . All the apps are beautifully categorised and making your selection is easy enough .

3 ) Slide Me - An oldies in apps download site , Slide Me offer something different than other competitors . Apps here is supported by many "LITTLE DEVICE" . Which means if your tablet or smart-phone can't support some apps from the big sites , then head on here . You might just get lucky .

4 ) Soc.io Mall - Boost more than 40,000 products to download , Soc.io is another must visit site for apps hungry downloader . This place is also a great hunting site for books lover with around 38,000 E-books to download for your android machine . Still in expanding mode , we expect this site to be a big hit very soon .