Atari's Greatest Hits - Classic Retro Games In One App

Get more than 90 of classic arcade games in your android device ( 100 games to be exact ) . Atari's Greatest Hits consist  some of the hottest games in the past 30 years . Find your addictive Atari's games from the 70's and 80's in this mega-pack . While this is a paid Android app , Missile Commands is FREE to play .

Some Of the Games includes :
    Space Dual
    Asteroids Deluxe
    Lunar Lander 
    Major Havoc 
    Missile Command
    Red Baron
    Super Breakout
    Black Widow

    Our Take 

    It's great to see so many classic arcade games in one single apps  . Overall , games are great , interface is good enough , "brings back the old memories" and 100 games in one single apps only at a cost of $9.99 ? That's even cheaper than A SECONDHAND PS .

    On the other hand , the size of this Android app is considered big - 43 MB  in total and one tiny annoying thing , currently LANDSCAPE MODE is not supported . Hope on the next update , this feature will be available . Finger Crossed .