Ingress A Game Where Virtual Meets Reality

Fancy playing a virtual reality game ? A Spy feel like game with real people ?
Google has created a game just for you . INGRESS . A game where Virtual meets Reality

The game is divided to two factions . You either joins the Enlightened , or the Resistance .
The enlightened purpose is to help "Shapers" to infiltrate earth as they believe this will change the course of humanity and brings good . The Resistance part on the other hand is to resist and fight for the human and stop Shapers  from invading earth .

Both Teams fight for the "ultimate control in this world" and to do so , a special energy called XM must be obtained and use it to capture a particular portal . Here's the catch - The player himself must be present at the particular place to capture the portal . Portals are scattered all over the world and is base on "REAL WORLD" map and stationed in well-known landmark , buildings and statue . Big city will have the most portals while in rural areas there will be less . Players will be guided to each portals via map in Ingress .

It's a confusing game but once you get a hang of it , Ingress will be just like SECOND NATURE . It's an addictive , heart-stomping , anxious and interesting game . You might walk past your enemy in Ingress and not even noticing  it . "BTW"  if you are a fan of Matrix Movie Trilogy , Ingress will be even more compelling .
Apply for and invitation from INGRESS here and join the future of gaming .


Ingress to us is much more than a game and Two aspects that really got us into Ingress  - limitless number of players ( this might not be anything new , but the fact that Google is behind this makes it much more interesting ) and Real World interactions . To us ,  Ingress is a game that will invoke new inventions and set a new course for future gaming experience